S100 (No Cable) – Foot Switch Without Cable, S-Series


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  • Action: Momentary (press and hold to turn on, release to turn off)
  • Switch Rating: 15 A, 125/250 VAC; 0.1 A, 125 VDC
  • Contacts: SPDT
  • Cord: None; user must attach cable
  • Terminals: Quick-connect tabs (.187 x .020) for terminals or solder
  • Assembly Note: Heyco strain relief assembly tool #29 (0022) is recommended, or pliers may be used to secure the cable to the strain relief.
  • Info Sheet (S100)
  • Note: This product is not certified to UL or CSA at this time.
  • Cross Reference: T-91-S
  • Warning: To avoid personal injury, do not use foot switches on machinery lacking effective point-of-operation safeguards.  Disconnect input power before installation or maintenance.  Only a qualified electrician should install this foot switch, including proper grounding and installation per local and national electrical codes.

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Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 in