Build Your Own Dual-Pedal BGX500 Foot Switch (The Orange Box)


Left Foot Pedal *

Right Foot Pedal *

Gate Option

Gate is available on the left side only. User must lift gate with toe before accessing the foot switch.

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The BGX500 Dual Foot Switch consists of any two GX-Series foot switches mounted inside a steel box enclosure with heavy-duty bumper feet.  There is a connection area inside the back of the cover for wiring, and a single cable exit point out of either the left or right sides.  An opening on the top of the cover with four threaded press nuts allows the attachment of a custom handle, if needed.


Example 1: Model number BGX500-MO consists of one GX500-MO on each side.


Example 2: Model number BGX500-MO/GX502-AT consists of one GX500-MO on the left side and one GX502-AT on the right side (viewed from front).


An optional protective gate is available for the left-side foot switch only.


Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 7 in