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Our remote TIG (GTAW) welding foot control pedals are built to last.  The design features a tough 16-gauge drawn steel case, wide top traction area, non-slip traction pads, comfortable at-rest and operating foot positions, heavy-duty cable with strain relief, and precision components.

Simply press the foot pedal to activate the gas contactor and increase welding amperage; release to turn off the weld output and activate the afterflow cycle.  Designed and manufactured under an ISO 9001 certified quality system.  Made in USA.  The patented design is tested to one million lifecycles (US patent #5,535,642).  Includes a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  Enclosure rating IP-21.  Size: 8.8" L x 5.5" W x 3.7" H.  Click here to view the CROSS-REFERENCE CHART to find the right foot control for your welder.

Heel rest is now available — See bottom of chart.

TIG Welding Foot Pedal Remote TIG Amperage Control Miller Welder RFCS-14 043554
C810-1425 TIG Foot Pedal for Miller® Welders (RFCS-14, 043554)
Description (Click on links below to see our cross-reference chart). Model Number Info Sheet Price*
Foot Control for Miller® and Hobart® TIG welders.  Includes 25-foot cable and 14-pin connector.  Replaces Miller® RFCS-14 (p/n 043554), RFCS-14 HD (p/n 194744), and Hobart® 043554. C810-1425 info sheet $224.00 SALE: $178.00
Our TIG welding foot controllers are now available with a hard chrome case hand-polished in Cleveland, Ohio.  Chrome pedals are available exclusively from SSC and will look awesome in your shop.  Click here for a photo of C810-1425-C.  Add "-C" to the end of any model number for a chrome case.  Top tread is black.  Call to order. For chrome: Add -C to end of any model number info sheet (chrome) Add $20
Foot Control for older Miller® TIG welders.  Includes 25-foot cable and 5-pin connector.  Replaces Miller® RFCS-5 (p/n 043716) and RFCS-5 HD (p/n 195218).  Fits Miller® solid-state power sources prior to serial number JK674521. C810-0525 info sheet $238.00 SALE: $190.00
Foot Control for the Miller® Maxstar 150 STH, Maxstar 150 STL, and Multimatic 200 TIG Welder.  Now with 25-foot cable length.  Replaces Miller® RFCS-6M (p/n 195183 and 195504). C810-0625 info sheet $224.00 SALE: $178.00
Foot Control for the Miller® Diversion 165, Diversion 180, and Hobart EZ-TIG 165i.  Includes 14-foot cable.  Replaces Miller® RFCS-RJ45 (p/n 300432) and Hobart® p/n 245589 for EZ-TIG 165i. Note: This model contains our standard high-quality steel enclosure, precision potentiometer, and full-sized foot platform, not the light-duty plastic components used by Miller® on their Diversion foot pedal.  See picture comparison: click to view image. C810-0814 info sheet $155.00
Foot Control for for Snap-On® TIG Welders.  14-pin connector.  Replaces Snap-On® or Systematics® TIG250FP, TIG250GAS, TIG250H2O on sale now.  Call to order. C830-0025 n/a $219.00
Foot Control for Cigweld welders with a 7-pin connector like the Transtig 150 and Transarc 275.  Replaces Cigweld p/n 646321.  Call to order. C840-0725 info sheet $190.00
Foot Control for Thermal Arc with 8-pin plug with 25 foot cable. C850-0825 info sheet $178.00
Foot Control for ESAB®, Airco®, or Linde® TIG welders.  Includes 25-foot cable and 6-pin rectangular Cinch® connector.  Replaces model FC-4, p/n 13880043.  C860-0625 info sheet $242.00 SALE: $178.00
Foot Control for ESAB® welders with 14-pin remote receptacle.  Includes 30-foot cable and 14-pin plug.  Replaces model FC-5B (p/n 33646) and FC-5C (p/n 0558004234). C860-1430 info sheet $238.00 SALE: $190.00
Foot Control for ESAB Aristotig DTG 405.  Has 12-pin Souriau connector with 10,000-ohm potentiometer.  See picture of 12-pin plug here — it must match.  Replaces ESAB FS-003-B / 0558008905 / 13880156.  Call to order.  (Note: This will not work with the CaddyTig 2200i, which has a special PC board and must be ordered from ESAB.)  C860-1225 n/a $220.00
Foot Control for older Hobart® TIG welders, such as some models of the CyberTig®.  Includes 25-foot cable and 10-pin connector.  Replaces models 409004A, 200460-001, and 362668. C870-1025 info sheet $246.00 SALE: $178.00
Foot Control for Hobart® MegaArc or L-TEC MigMaster® welders with 6-pin connector.  Replaces Hobart foot control model 409213A.  Call to order. C870-0625 info sheet $220.00
Foot Control for Airco Heliwelder 251 AC/DC.  Has 12-pin Souriau plug (p/n UTG614 12PN) with 25,000-ohm potentiometer.  See picture of 12-pin plug here — it must match.  Call to order. C870-1225 n/a $220.00
Foot Control for Hobart or ThermaDyne welders using a 19-pin connector.  25-foot cable.  Replaces models 409004A-2 and THL 200460-007.  Call to order. C870-1925 n/a $220.00
Foot Control for Powcon® 14-pin TIG welders.  Includes 25-foot cable and 14-pin connector. C880-1425 info sheet $239.00 SALE: $190.00
Foot Control for Linde UCC-305 TIG welders.  Includes 25-foot cable and 2 connectors, each with 3-pins.  Replaces Linde® FC-4 p/n 679662. C890-0625 info sheet $249.00
Foot Control for Thermal Arc / ThermaDyne Ultima 150.  Will only work on Ultima 150 models with 14-pin remote receptacle. call to order n/a $220.00
Foot Control for 5-pin Lincoln welders, which are typically older machines.  Replaces part number K772 (or L8118-3).  Has 5 pins in the remote receptacle and plug (not 6). C820-0525 info sheet $190.00
Heel Rest Option — Rear flange easily clips onto any C-Series TIG foot pedal and provides heel rest support.  Add "-HR" to the end of any C-Series TIG model number to order (also can be ordered separately). -HR Option tig foot pedal heel rest $20.00
Carrier Base Option — Provides a handle for easy transport of the unit without bending over and allows routing of cable out of front or either side.  Add "-CA" to the end of any C-Series TIG model number to order. -CA Option info sheet (-CA Option) $30.00
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